Pre-planning Design Advice to Achieve CSH Level 6

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Achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6, Managing Risk & Controlling Costs

Client: Leading Energy

Completion date: May 2010

Project scope:

• NHER Plan Assessor SAP modelling
• Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) energy advice
• Government policy and incentive scheme study
• LZC technology review and feasibility study

Project Description:

The National Energy Foundation (NEF) was commissioned by the client to provide a study on identifying and meeting Code for Sustainable Homes (May 2009 version 2) (CSH) requirements concerning the integration of Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) technologies to achieve CSH level 6.

The study estimated carbon emissions and energy consumption of the house/flat types from SAP calculations using accredited modelling software NHER

Plan Assessor v4.5 (SAP2005 v9.81).

Project Outcome:

The feasibility study identified and summarised the appropriate LZC technologies considered for the client which ensured the compliance to CSH Level 6 for Ene 1—Dwelling Emission Rate.

In association with the study, an Excel format matrix was developed to demonstrate the detailed breakdown of how to achieve CSH level 6 for each energy option.

Project Benefit:

NEF completed various options to model different design features that were proposed by the client.

Each option was carefully assessed in order to:
• Understand both energy use and carbon emissions and compare against benchmarks
• Assess potential for energy demand reduction
• Identify opportunities for suitable renewable energy technologies.

A detailed lifecycle cost analysis demonstrating the financial impact over the lifetime of the home also assisted the client in identifying possible cost savings.

NEF completed a comprehensive and practical ‘measures matrix’ which the client has found invaluable in unlocking the constraints of CSH and understanding the most cost effective route to compliance.

Renewable technologies considered:

• Solar thermal and photovoltaic panels
• Ground source heating and cooling
• Air source heating and cooling
• Biomass boilers
• Micro wind turbine

NEF’s Added Value:

NEF’s unique position in the energy efficiency and renewables sector, enables us to provide independent and unbiased advice to a variety of different organisations. NEF’s consultants undertake feasibility studies, strategic reviews and provide policy advice to businesses, local authorities and developers. In addition to this consultancy work, NEF is frequently involved in delivering projects through partnerships with other providers.

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