Waterproof an Existing Basement Housing Computer Room

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Newton System 500 Used To Waterproof An Existing
Basement To Hold High Spec Computer Equipment


The project was to waterproof an existing basement under a country house business park in Bramham. The customer needed a solution that would give a completely dry internal environment as the room was to hold £250,000 of state-of-the-art computer equipment, telephone lines and power supplies. Continual operation of the companies it served was essential so future failure of the chosen system was not an option.


Newton NSBC Contractor Octopus Building Services needed the most reliable and trouble free waterproofing option available. They decided on the Newton 500 cavity drain membrane system which they knew would ensure the room was dry and fit for its intended use. The vaulted ceiling and walls were lined in Newton 508 Mesh membrane, which allowed for plaster directly onto it. This maximised space and ensured the shape of the vaulted ceiling was retained.

The floor was lowered and a new concrete slab installed with a recess at the wall/floor junction in to which Newton Basedrain drainage conduit was applied then the whole slab was overlaid with Newton 508 clear membrane. Water collecting in the drainage conduit is then managed into a Newton Titan Pro sump which houses with two medium duty NP400 Pumps.These are controlled by a Newton Control Panel which provides alternate pumping, programmed pump testing, alarming in the event of a pump failure, and switching to a battery backup in the event of a mains power failure.

The floor had to be load-bearing as some computer equipment weighed up to 500kg. Another layer of concrete was applied on top of the floor membrane to give the required strength. Octopus Building Services undertook all follow on tasks such as joinery and plastering, avoiding any future split responsibility issues and provided an insured guarantee for the waterproofing.


• Moisture which could damage the sensitive equipment is dealt with by the membrane system
• Minimal preparation was required to fit the system
• Convoluted ceiling shape retained and waterproofed
• Minimal space lost in the room
• Maintainable system in accordance with BS 8102 regulations
• High levels of protection afforded by the back up and panel systems
• Installation guarantee issued by the contractor
• The project was completed on time, on budget, and without disruption to the office above

The Newton Control Panel Pro provides advanced power back-up and telemetry systems

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