Applying Insulating Plaster on Buildings

Posted by: Newton Waterproofing Systems

Application of Dianthonite Acoustic Insulation Plaster

Dianthonite Acoustic Insulation Plaster is an ideal render for applying to listed buildings due to its ‘green’ credentials

  • Thicker application can specifically prevent thermal bridges
  • Can be applied directly to Newton System 800 Damp Proofing and Newton System 500 Cavity Drain meshed waterproofing membranes
  • As a high performance insulated plaster for both the inside and outside of external walls
  • As a sound insulating plaster for both external and internal walls
  • As an insulated render finish for timber frame or SIPS structures

Internal and External Application of Dianthonite Acoustic Insulating Plaster

Quick and easy to apply by hand or applied externally with a spray machine, allowing for very fast application, or with a trowel for
internal walls.

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Information Updated on: 14 November 2012