Innovative Acoustic Insulating Plaster Reduces Sound Transference

Posted by: Newton Waterproofing Systems

New Acoustic Insulating Plaster Available

Newton Waterproofing Systems & Diasen present our acoustic insulating plaster composed of cork, clay and natural hydraulic lime – Newton’s Diathonite Acoustic Insulation Plaster

Diathonite plaster has exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties, it is fire resistant, and it can be spray applied externally, allowing for very fast application, or applied by hand internally.

Diathonite has over twice the performance of conventional plasters or renders, and the internal application of Diathonite to party walls significantly reduces sound transference between properties.

Benefits of Diathonite Acoustic Insulating Plaster

  • Very high thermal insulation properties, eliminating risk of cold bridging within the structure
  • High vapour permeability level which allows the property to breathe
  • Resistant to fire
  • An eco-friendly product – Diathonite Acoustic Insulating Plaster was a medal winner within the Best Eco Product category at EcoBuild 2011
  • Can be spray applied using a plastering pump to greater thicknesses than conventional application methods
  • Can be hand applied for internal applications

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Information Updated on: 14 November 2012