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The Energy Savings Trust provide a great range of publications and fact sheets that provide clear guidance on a range of issues affecting homes and businesses.

Fact Sheets are available as downloadable PDF’s which can be found by clicking here and they cover the following topics:

The whole home

  • The easy way to stop wasting energy and money


  • Microwind – Lots of really useful facts about microwind
  • Solar water heating – Find out more about solar water heating
  • Biomass – Some really useful information about Biomass
  • Ground source heat pumps – A useful guide to ground source heat pumps
  • Solar electricity – Find out facts about solar electricity
  • Air source heat pumps – A guide showing you all you need to know about air * source heat pumps


  • Heating brochure – A simple guide to heating controls


  • A bright idea has got even better – A brochure explaining everything you need to know about energy efficient lighting in the home.


  • An introduction to insulating your loft – How ot insulate your loft
  • A simple guide to solid wall insulation – Everything you need to know about solid wall insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation – a simple guide with everything you need to know about cavity wall insulation

Avoiding waste

  • A simple guide to watching your waste – Watching your waste has never been so easy.


  • A simple guide to getting rid of draughts – Saving energy loss by eliminating draughts

Energy Saving Trust Recommended products

  • A simple guide to Energy Saving Trust Recommended products
  • A simple guide to buying a boiler

Smarter driving

  • A simple guide on smarter driving – Try some smarter driving tips next time you’re behind the wheel.

See these guides and more by visiting the Energy Savings Trust website by Clicking Here.

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Information Updated on: 2 February 2012