Wind turbines. Conformity testing and certification

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BS EN 61400-22 is an International Standard which defines rules and procedures for a certification system for wind turbines (WT) that comprises both type certification and certification of wind turbine projects installed on land or off-shore.

This system specifies rules for procedures and management for carrying out conformity evaluation of WT and wind farms, with respect to specific standards and other technical requirements, relating to safety, reliability, performance, testing and interaction with electrical power networks.

It provides:

  • Definitions of the elements in a wind turbine certification process
  • Procedures for conformity evaluation in a wind turbine certification system
  • Procedures for conformity surveillance
  • Rules for the documentation that is to be supplied by an applicant for the conformity evaluation
  • Requirements for certification and inspection bodies and testing laboratories.

The rules and procedures are not limited to WT of any particular size or type. However, special rules and procedures apply for small wind turbines (SWT).

Some elements of certification are mandatory, whilst provision is specifically made for others to be optional. For type certification, the document describes procedures relating to conformity testing, design, manufacture, and the plans for transportation, erection, installation and maintenance. The procedures deal with the assessment of loads and safety, testing, characteristics measurements and surveillance of manufacturing.

For project certification, the document describes procedures relating to the assessment that particular wind turbines and support structure/foundation designs in a project are appropriate for the application and relating to transportation, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. The procedures deal with assessment in accordance with all modules in this document, e.g. the site conditions, the design of site-specific components and surveillance of manufacturing, transportation, installation and operation.

The rules and procedures are intended to be used in conjunction with the appropriate IEC/ISO standards and Guides.

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