Skirtings for Hiding Cables and Heating Pipes

Posted by: Discrete Heat

ThermaSkirt® Skirting board heaters are an ideal way to hide cables and heating pipes. They have a tough, durable, mark resistant finish with a choice of skirting designs and standard colours.


  • Decorating
    The skirting boards have a removable colour coordinated ‘caulking gasket’ on the top edge which not only eliminates any gaps (i.e no filling required), but when you decorate, paper or paint, you simply remove the skirting boards first, wallop away and then replace for a perfect result. No masking, scrubbing off splashes or meticulously cutting in. Additionally, ThermaSkirt® has a removable lower cable cover.

  • Cable Tidy
    Tired of unsightly speaker, telephone and TV cables snaking around the room? No problem! Pop off the lower cover of the skirting board, feed your cables round to where you need and pop it back on. Job done!
  • Ease of Use
    Fitting carpets and laminate with conventional skirting can be a real chore, especially if your floors are a bit uneven. The removable cable cover can accommodate varying thickness of carpet and laminate and allow you to get them right under and neatly finished. No frayed carpet edges on show or ghastly timber beading to hide the gaps. Simply remove the skirting cover, lay your flooring, and then replace the cover, trimmed for depth if required. Magic!
  • Bleeding radiators is a thing of the past with ThermaSkirt® skirting board heaters. Once commissioned, ThermaSkirt® acts like a pipe, and so under normal circumstances cannot trap air in it.

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Information Updated on: 3 November 2012