Hemp lime construction: A guide to building with hemp lime composites

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A guide to building with hemp lime composites

Hemp lime is a lightweight construction material that can be used for walls, insulation of roofs and floors and as part of timber-framed buildings. It provides very good thermal and acoustic performance, and offers a genuinely zero-carbon contribution to sustainable construction.

Hemp masonry is breathable and is able to absorb and emit moisture, leading to much healthier buildings. Comprehensive guidance on using this novel material for housing and low-rise buildings is given for the first time in this book, which is full of practical information on materials, design and construction. It is fully illustrated and includes case studies and design details, and explains how the use of hemp-based material can capture and store carbon dioxide in the fabric of buildings.

The guide is the output from a Defra-funded study commissioned by the National Non-Food Crops Centre.


  • Foreword – Marianne Suhr
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 What is hemp construction?
  • 3 Case examples of hemp lime buildings
  • 4 Growing hemp for building
  • 5 Building construction techniques
  • 6 Mixes and materials
  • 7 Durability, moisture, ventilation, indoor air quality and thermal performance
  • 8 Scientific issues related to hemp lime
  • 9 Structures, fire and acoustics
  • 10 Life cycle and carbon sequestration
  • 11 Natural products for use in conjunction with hemp lime
  • 12 The advantages of hemp and lime
  • References and notes
  • Useful contacts
  • Index


Architects and architectural technicians, contractors, selfbuilders, planners, building control officers, developers, government agencies, structural engineers, materials suppliers, environmentalists.

IHS BRE Press, September 2008. Ref EP85, ISBN 978-1-84806-033-3, 189 × 246mm, paperback, 124pp,
23 line drawings, 56 photos, £30

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