The Essential Eurocodes Transition Guide

Posted by: British Standards Institution

Edited by John Roberts

Structural Eurocodes are a suite of design codes that will harmonize technical specifications for building and civil engineering works across Europe.

Their introduction in March 2010 requires the withdrawal of more than 50 British Standards. The change has been described as the single most important change to construction standards ever. It is expected that Eurocodes will not just dominate building design in the UK and Europe, but also have a major impact on many other parts of the world.

The Essential Eurocodes Transition Guide is a user-friendly guide that brings together leading experts from the Eurocode community to share key insights into the use and application of the new codes, focussing on how users can make the transition as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In addition to coverage of the underlying structure, and industry view of the Eurocodes, individual chapters address the technical aspects of each Eurocode and will be an invaluable aid to practising civil and structural engineers, as well as regulators, academics and students and all those involved with the structure and design of public sector dwellings at this time of change in industry.

This book contains detailed guidance from leading academics and professionals to help the reader gain an understanding of the new codes and to ease integration.

Who is the book for?

Practising civil and structural engineering courses as well as students of these professions; Building Control officers and anyone involved with the structure and design of public sector dwellings.
Features of the Eurocodes Transition Guide:

The Guide covers important issues regarding the structural Eurocodes including:

  • What are the Eurocodes?
  • Why are they so important?
  • Who produced the Eurocodes?
  • Are Eurocodes mandatory?
  • How will they be used?
  • Background to the Eurocode programme
  • The benefits and opportunities of Eurocodes
  • Structure of Eurocodes
  • The role of National Annexes
  • The position non-contradictory complementary information (NCCI)
  • Eurocodes and the international market
  • The industry view.

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